The Untold Story

AndyPopeMy name is Andy Pope.   I am a lifelong musician, singing teacher, and musical playwright.  In recent years, I have also become a social activist and a regular columnist for the social justice newspaper, Street Spirit.  My column, Homeless No More, encourages those who live outdoors to seek indoor residence tailored to their individual needs.

In that spirit, I have written a new musical: Eden in Babylon  Please feel free to peruse my pages and posts. You will find sound files, a demo, a script, and lots of other material pertinent to this theme.  I won’t give the story away at this time.  However, a detailed synopsis posted earlier on this page brought the comments you will read below.   I hope you will resonate with the spirit that has brought to the world a musical about homelessness in 21st Century America.



Please donate to Eden in Babylon.

A little bit goes a long, long way. 


9 thoughts on “The Untold Story

  1. “Eden in Babylon” sounds great, A.P. – interesting story for the world it creates and timely message for the world it addresses (that’s us). It may be because of my “Hippies” novel, which does some of the same visionary work, but my bias is to see it in part as a bridge from the’67 Haight to something new. And desperately needed. I agree with you that there has never been “more division in America than I see today. Whatever happened to the koans of morale? … ‘United we stand; divided we fall.’” That slogan is now anathema to both Trump conservatives and identity politics liberals. The moral ground has been ceded by all parties. Maybe with “Eden in Babylon” and “Hippies,” we can start a movement in the arts – outside of the political spectrum, left and right – and save the day! It’s a nice dream anyway.

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    • Absolutely in accord, Gary. The Left-Right chasm appears to have been consumed in a much more critical rift having to do with socio-economic class. Also, historically, the Arts have thrived at times of political turmoil. I suspect you and I are not alone in this vision, but we might as well network the movement while the iron we strike is hot. The national morale has sunken to such a new low, I actually encounter intelligent people these days who don’t even know what the word “morale” means. And as far as dreams are concerned, this nation was founded on one. What have we got to lose? Nothing, as near as I can tell. And we might just gain our country back.

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  2. The resolution of the story is a microcosmic view of what needs to happen macrocosmically! I particularly agree with the perspectives you share in the paragraph after the synopsis.

    Thank you for your interest in and comments on my blog.

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  3. I agree completely. There is no substitute for good live theatre. And I’m glad to hear the title drew you in. Hopefully that will help me in my submissions process, which as of yesterday (having completed a working script and demo) has at long last begun. All the best to you as well.


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