The Royal Rhapsody

Just a brief check-in to announce that I finished scoring a full draft of my piece, provisionally entitled The Royal Rhapsody. You can hear it on my SoundCloud at the link provided.

As far as my earlier post regarding the completion of my Eden in Babylon script (or the lack thereof) my policy still stands.  I tried twice to adopt the more “professional” approach I alluded to in the previous entry.  Each time, I continued to draw a disturbing blank.  I don’t think the script will be finished until I have the flash of illumination I’ve been praying for.  I need for it to flow as well at its end as it does at its start.  So far everything is headed toward deus ex machina, which of course is to be avoided at all costs.

I do, however, fully believe that this moment of illumination is in my future.  I believe that at that moment, I will proceed to pour out a completed draft of that script straight from my heart.  Because I believe these things, I also believe it would be silly and counter-productive to rush matters.  That moment will come when it’s meant to be.

Hope you like my Rhapsody.

The Royal Rhapsody

“The Royal Rhapsody” from Eden in Babylon.
Copyright © 2016 by Andrew Michael Pope.  All Rights Reserved.

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