Ode to the Universe

I lost a pretty large number of files recently when I moved them from my DropBox to my desktop, not realizing this was going to make them disappear from my DropBox.  The computer I had at the time was later stolen, so I then lost them off of my desktop.  One of the files that I lost was the original 2011 score to my song Ode to the Universe.   I did not lose the mp3, only the musical score from which the mp3 was ripped.  If you want to hear what it sounds like, go right ahead:

Ode to the Universe

“Ode to the Universe” from Eden in Babylon
Copyright 2016 by Andrew Michael Pope. All Rights Reserved.

Usually, when a file is “misplaced,” I spend laborious hours searching for it.  Moreover, I curse myself for having been so sloppy.   Furthermore, I won’t rest until I find it.  Not so, this time.

Somehow last night it dawned on me that, as I endeavor to create the 2016 version of Ode to the Universe, it’s actually a good thing that I have misplaced the earlier file.  Now I won’t be tempted to draw upon any aspect of that file in producing the more mature version as it has evolved in my mind throughout the past five years.  As I worked on this version last night, I found myself very thankful that I was diligently starting from scratch, rather than trying to work off of a previous, premature, primitive version of this piece.  I even have the older mp3 to scrutinize, to try and determine just how and where it is primitive and premature, so that I can reverse those charges in the present day.

The fact that I was able to let go so easily of this substantial loss further confirms that I am on the right track with my project.  If I know God, He’ll probably cause the older file to show up right at the exact moment I’m done with the new one.  Then again, I may not know God very well.  


8 thoughts on “Ode to the Universe

  1. I lost my poetry that I spent years writing in a similar fashion. I’m hoping it all pops back up at some point – like on a piece of paper or in one of my old written journals. Sounds like you are in a good state of mind. I’m glad to see it and hear it.

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  2. I must have forgotten to reply to these comments earlier. Thanks for the thumbs up, Grace. I still haven’t found any of those files yet, Kathoppa, but things do have a way of turning up when one least expects. I try to maintain a present day, future-goal-oriented focus these days. Probably a lot of the work I lost is stuff I wouldn’t have missed even if it *were* to turn up. I tell myself that, anyway, to avoid dwelling on the frustration of it all. When it’s all been said and done, the sum total of my works is pretty enormous at this stage. Not sure how good any of it is, but at least it *is.*


      • That’s an excellent idea, Grace. I haven’t prayed about it much – for some reason — usually praying about my daughter and more personal situations, not that the files are not important – it just hasn’t dawned on me that the power of prayer could be really helpful here.

        I remember now once when I thought I had lost an important file, I called my friend in Georgia in she prayed for me, and then I found the file five minutes later. God does answer prayers.

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      • Many times my life sucks & then one day I’ll die and get out of the hard luck club. Until then, I’ll keep going & stay connected to the people who say they care. Some days just suck. Not very enlightening or positive…keep truckin Andy~ I love ur honesty!

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  3. Thanks, Grace. You’re a good lady, and I think it’s wise to just stay connected with the kinds of people who do care, who aren’t quick to judge or put you in a box. They’re still around, believe me — although me personally, I had to leave a certain State where we both lived, in order to find them.

    The tables will be turned and all charges reversed in the life to come. Luke 16:19-31, Psalm 37:1-4. God bless.


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