For anyone who might have caught my recent series on Writer’s Block (consisting of the four posts that began with this entry), I feel I ought to let you know that the block broken now.   In fact, I am genuinely thrilled about what has been taking place.  I had been hoping to break the block only insofar as I could proceed to a critical scene that had me stumped, about two-thirds of the way through the show.  But instead, I’ve actually been motivated to go all the way back to Scene One and implement an exhaustive overhaul.  I would never  have been able to do so, had I not wrote those four posts and engaged in an active effort to break the three year Writer’s Block.

This also has caused me to see the professor’s “scathing critique” in a new light.  It might sound strange after everything I’ve said earlier, but I actually see the man’s innocence in this situation.   He didn’t really intend to rip my heart to shreds.  If he didn’t put the 100% energy into my project that I’d hoped he would, maybe he didn’t feel a need to.  Maybe he saw some general things he figured I might have overlooked; since after all, I do sometimes have a tendency not to see the forest for the trees.  Even the part that he clearly didn’t understand is something I can use to my advantage.  Let’s face it: the man is in a much higher class than I am, in the present socio-economic structure in America.  It is well known that people in the upper classes perceive those in the lower classes less accurately than vice-versa.  There have even been studies to this effect.  Since, after all, Eden in Babylon is all about class, I can easily utilize all that information as fuel to support my cause.

I finished my Scene One rewrite on Friday morning.  One person has read it so far – the woman who directs the Choir at my church.  She’s a musical theatre actress and has a feel for this sort of thing.  So she sent me an email with detailed comments, mostly good.  There were some minor things she pointed out, and I made adjustments accordingly.   In no way was my reaction anywhere near as shocked or bewildered as it was when I got the earlier critique back from my longstanding friend.  In any case, I feel that I’m back on a solid roll; I’m fervently working on Scene Two, and I hope to get a draft of the entire show finished by December 31st.

Scene One is now twelve pages long in Standard Script Format.  Six of those pages include a monstrous musical number called “Intervention.”  If you want to hear what it sounds like, an instrumental version of about 1/3 of it can be heard below.


from Eden in Babylon:
opyright © 2016 by Andrew M. Pope

All Rights Reserved

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