The Long Version

I’m starting to use up minutes on my free SoundCloud account.  It’s because I’ve been using it as storage for all these different versions of my tunes.  I’d have to pay to upgrade, so instead I deleted one of the earlier versions of this same tune that had become outmoded.  That meant deleting the post here that featured it as well.  Otherwise, it would have included an empty link.

What you have above is the full 4:47 version of The Very Same World, as it figures in the show.   Now, I could tweak this a bit more — and no doubt I will.  But it’s basically what the singers will hear as they record the song, give or take a few of the instruments that would then be doubling melodic lines unnecessarily.  Also, once the singers have been assembled and have succeeded at recording the piece, I can always adjust the accompaniment track again afterwards.

So it stands to reason that now would be the time to proactively seek out singers.  It’s possible I’ve been a little slow at this, being shy by nature.  At the same time, I wanted to make sure I was sufficiently prepared.  Now, I am.


  1. Very Enjoyable! Out of interest, what software are you using to compose with?


  2. A.P. says:

    Thank you. I’m currently using Finale 2014.5, running Windows Ten. Haven’t been able to make the upgrade to Finale 25 as of yet. I’ve been working with Finale products since 2005.


  3. I have a new computer so the sound is good. I have the piece on in the background as I type this. Nice, Andy. I hope you post again with the vocals. :-)


  4. A.P. says:

    I hope so, too. That is, I hope I can get the singers together (whoever they are.) I think it’s time I took my powers of “influence” to the next level.


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