9 thoughts on “Silence in Heaven

  1. Im getting silence to my questions… As some one who has lots of followers.. And as someone who reads my post… Can you tell me tbe steps or struggles you faced gettiing your blog out there… Im not asking for full disclosure but whats your secret…

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  2. It’s a good question, Dads, but I don’t know that I’m the one to provide the best answer. I receive very few views on my blog posts compared to most WordPress bloggers, and I’ve always wondered how they manage to get so much attention themselves.

    I seem to have accumulated three figures worth of followers over the six or seven years I’ve been on WordPress. This happened gradually over time. As to how many of them actually “follow” me and read my posts, the number differs widely. On a good day I get about 25 or 30 views.

    So there’s really nothing I do here but only keep writing (and occasionally playing a piano.) It’s possible a more intensely dedicated blogger might have better answers than I.

    But thank you for asking.


    • That does answer my question…. Number one.. I learn management skills if i want more in digital freedom, rather than wonder i can watch and learn. You remind me of persistance… A few people in life make over night success but muggles.. Im not so sure… You teach here that
      Viewers and followers are not necessarily the same, and as much as i like views i want followers. Im not ego centric i just know others face the same battles or demons and i want to stand with those people and be there. I must also.. “keep writing” and you mention play the piano.. But i too must continue to do what i enjoy.

      It is possible another blogger could answer, but you did answer and that speaks more to me.

      I think your answers were fantastic so thanks….

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      • I’m glad I was able to help a bit. Also, here’s one pointer I have after looking at your most recent post. You will get more views if you use fewer tags. I don’t know why this is, but apparently if you use more than five tags (or categories) it will reduce the amount of views. Again, I don’t know *why* this is, but a number of people have told me it is true. I think on the WordPress help forums there may be more information on this, among other things.


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