Gratitude List 806

1. It amazes me how well Jan and I are getting along.   It’s as though my best friend has come back into my life, and vice-versa, she claims, according to her.  It’s uncanny, in a good way.  And it feels so right.

2. It was an incredibly warm family feeling for me when we all three were here together throughout the day yesterday after church, and Echo and I were both working on our music, in different rooms, and getting things done.

3. Not to mention I really like the rug, the dining room table, the clean bathroom and kitchen, and the decent wholesale organic coffee every morning.

4. Slept well and long last night for the third night in a row, not arising till 7:30 am.

5. Nice of Norman to bring by that flat panel.  Resolution and clarity while working on Finale is amazing.

6. Wiped clean Polaris and downloaded Finale on it, registered Finale on the new / old computer.   I can carry this one forth, considering the Asus needs to stay at home now.   Also, there is a printer now.

7. Just about done with the “Hunted” score, so all scores are done for the demo session, except for my need to rewrite six lines of Molly’s lyrics in keeping with her character and her relationship to Winston.

8. Echo so precious.

9. Weird that I wrote to Erika in the morning yesterday with those bizarre reservations toward Midnight Screams and related matters.  Anyway, everything is done as soon as I do the formatting and divvy the parts accordingly via email.  Then at least my colleagues will note my attempt at professionalism, even if the modern-day Internet-related standards for academic excellence never cease to intimidate me.
10. God is Love, and Love is God.

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6 thoughts on “Gratitude List 806

  1. This is awesome to read. Really pleased to hear things are going well. You continue to remain in my thoughts. Continue to be proud of how far you have come, and you are indeed a new creation – I guess when i read this God speaks about instruments,and how we are all his instruments. I am no musician, but I am guessing a good musician will look after their instrument, nurture n practice. A symphony can indeed be bitter sweet at times. Love your work. (I have a new address for my bog after I was given the word “refine” Take care…

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  2. Gratitude. Sometimes I think of it as the gateway, and other times as the arrived-at destination. I was inspired by the book 1000 Gifts to start a list myself. I forget to go back and add to it, so thanks for the reminder. I will go to it right now!

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    1. I’m not familiar with that book, but there is something to the frequent enumeration of positives. It assists one in effecting a positive reality, a positive creation in which to find oneself.


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