A Question Re: My Royal Rhapsody

I’m kind of a dunce at these modern-day Internet-related matters, so please bear with me.

I was trying to post a piano piece, because today is Friday, and I try to turn these kinds of things in on Friday.  Piano pieces, that is.  (Maybe you’ve noticed that).

This time, I played a twelve minute piano piece that I composed that leads into a singing part – a three-movement “rhapsody” called “The Royal Rhapsody.”

It took nine hours to upload to youtube.  I did it overnight.

I was trying to publish it, but before I could click “publish” somehow the browser window disappeared.

When I reopened the browser, I can’t find the piece.

Did I lose it?  If so, will I have to endure the whole nine hour upload again?

If anyone knows how to help me with this, please comment.

Thank you.


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One thought on “A Question Re: My Royal Rhapsody

  1. Replying to my own question, I see that a number of people are “liking” what I just asked, but no one has yet provided me with an answer. That’s fine, I suppose it’s a likable question; but once again, if anyone knows the answer to it, please feel me in.

    Weirdly, I had wanted to post it at 9 am as per usual, and it was at exactly 8:58 am that the blooper was blooped.

    Because I had not yet had a morning cup of coffee (my first mistake) my reaction to not getting the youtube posted on time — by the skin of my teeth, as it were – was basically “AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!”


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