Piano Album & Recently Published Pieces

This will be brief.

I’ve been posting samples of my piano playing every Friday for a few months now.   Jan and I have now finished preparing an LP of the most popular of these tunes.  We’re going to sell CD’s, and have also posted the album on  BandCamp, where it is far sale for only $10.  Also, individual songs can be purchased for only one dollar.    We will apply the proceeds toward the production of my musical Eden in Babylon, which explores the effects of homelessness on the youth of today’s America.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a CD and assisting me toward this cause, please drop $10 into the pool by clicking on the donate button below.   Then leave me info as to how to get the album to you in my Contact Form.   The online version of the album may be found here.  

Other news is that I have now been published 25 times in Street Spirit and twice on Classism Exposed, after having escaped twelve years of grueling, demeaning homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area — and after never having been published before in my life!  The most recent such articles may be found on the link below:


Although I try to post something substantial here every Thursday along the lines of the causes about which I am passionate, the “Thursday Blog of Substance” will have to wait another week or so.  I’m trying to prepare a detailed post examining the effects of classism in the behavioral health industry, and hopefully it will be ready soon.

Thank you all for your love and support.   May the Force be with you — and by all means, be a Jedi, and not a Sith.  ;)

Please donate to Eden in Babylon.
Anything Helps – God Bless!

2 thoughts on “Piano Album & Recently Published Pieces

  1. Thanks, Lynne. About the post topic, the theme has been circulating lately in Classism Exposed, and a number of people have stepped up with accounts about how they were discriminated against by mental health professionals who operated according to preconceptions as to why people are poor.

    At the same time, in Street Spirit there have been a number of articles exposing abuse in that same industry. I submitted Scene Two of Eden in Babylon to Street Spirit, in hopes that they can use some of it. I may attach or link to some of these articles when I soon answer your most recent email. It’s all quite fascinating, as well as infuriating.

    Hope you enjoy the piano music. This is a first for me, and the sound quality created by Jan’s Motorola smartphone isn’t bad. Still, the church has indicated they will help me pay for studio quality recordings in the future, and we’ve already contacted the engineer. This is the same fellow who engineered my Eden n Babylon demo. He is, however, very busy, and I’ve yet to receive the final mix.

    It’s good to hear from you, Lynne. Thanks once again for your appreciation and support.

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