(Talks 2018) – Talk No. 1

A while back, I mentioned I was going to try to start posting a speech here every Wednesday.  Well, I never got around to doing it.  That is, until now.   Happy Independence Day — and God bless America.  

Homeless by Condition: Part One 

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Anything Helps – God Bless!


6 thoughts on “(Talks 2018) – Talk No. 1

  1. An awesome and heart moving and honest talk… A book deal somwhere for sure.

    This talk reminded about how folk end up being homeless.

    Im homeless at the moment, and sure i have a roof over my head.. I may not have cocroaches but the place smells of animal feaeces and urine or marijuana, there is little rest, and landlords let themselves in without warning and move stuff… Letters get stolen and not received.. But its a roof and cheap and i have an element of freedom. God is speaking to me about self worth and to thrive to strive even if i find it hard.. Im also learning to be “attractive” in the sense of attracting good folk, happiness, offering value, valuing myself. Im constantly reminded of the story of job. Job may not have had laptops or modern day things but everything of value was taken away… And then you see the relationship of job and his friends. Just as the lord blessed the last part of his life i pray Andy that new chapters and doors will open and you are blessed with your needs and wants and more beyond. May God bless your faithfulness.
    Love n thoughts your way from a

    Uk friend proud to know Andy Pope

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    • Thank you, Refiner. This means quite a bit to me. I also am working on being “attractive” — I think I know what you mean by this. For a long time my energy was angry, and it was off-putting to many. I know it was a function of the Homeless Experience, and of the great disparity between the mores and details of homelessness and those of most of my otherwise like-minded friends who still lived indoors. I find that when I’m not so angry, or perhaps desperate, or needy, my spirit is of more appeal to others, and I’m easier to approach. God bless you in your ongoing quest.


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