The Long and Winding Road

Hey, it’s Friday, and I got some piano for ya.  This one’s an old Todd Rundgren tune I kinda like:

This one here’s a Christian tune I heard in the 80’s.  (I had to google for the name.)

And finally, the famous Beatles song:

Usually I use a high-end Motorola smartphone, the property of my lady friend, to record these piano vids.  But she’s housebound with a bad knee, so I used the low-end Motorola of my Pastor Norman (the guy I’m talking to at the beginning of “Torch Song.”)  Its quality is not quite as crisp.

If you want even better quality, feel free to make a contribution.  The O.G.’s coming off of twelve years on the streets, and it’s not as though his net worth is anything bigger than Zero Point Zero at any given moment.

That said, still very grateful to for the blessing of indoor living.  I’m putting it to the best use possible, in God’s good time.

Please donate to Eden in Babylon.
Anything Helps – God Bless!

4 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. I enjoyed all of these so much! I’m fascinated by how you play without the sheet music. I started taking piano lessons last fall, and I’m so tied to the notes on the page. You seem so free when you play. Thanks for sharing your music.

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    • You’re welcome, Galen. I learned to play by ear when I was a little boy, by watching my Dad play. He also played by ear and didn’t learn to play by notes till he was in his sixties. My parents took me to a piano teacher when I was seven, and so I learned to play by notes. But for me the reading of the notes has always been an extra inconvenience or hindrance — it’s not something I do particularly well, at least not in comparison to most trained pianists. I’m actually amazed by those who read well, and that goes for words as well as music. It’s a different mind-set than that of playing spontaneously. Thank you for your comments, and good luck with Piano.

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    • Thanks, Lynne. It’s nice to be playing a piano that is “untainted;” that is, whose karma has not been by tainted by bizarre political or money-hungry pseudo-Christian personalities, as earlier alluded to in our correspondence. Their giving me a key to that church buiiding is undoubedly one of the kindest things one has ever done for me. Cheers —

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