The Very Same World

In lieu of offering a speech this week according to schedule, I’m writing to let you know that I’ve received the 2nd number from my Eden in Babylon demo.  It’s “The Very Same World,” (link is to lyrics), and I’m posting the demo now.

I should have the third speech in my new series, entitled “Homeless by Condition, Part Two,” posted by next Wednesday or Thursday, or thereabouts.   If you feel like going back and listening to the first two speeches, here they are:

Homeless by Condition, Part One

Homeless by Choice

Finally, if you want to make an any-amount donation and help me produce my musical about homelessness in America, now’s your chance.    At this stage, every little bit helps.  

Please donate to Eden in Babylon.
Anything Helps – God Bless!


2 thoughts on “The Very Same World

  1. The song sounds great, Andy! And I’ve enjoyed listening to the two talks which are very illuminating and detailed for anyone who doesn’t know anything about what it is to be homeless or ‘homefree’ for that matter. I’ll be replying to your email soon, just got a few things on the go at the mo where time is pressing. Cheers for now!

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  2. Hey Lynne – I must have forgotten to answer this! Sorry about that – I did get your email and I replied. Glad you enjoyed the song and the talks. Things appear to be moving in a positive direction. I did create a third talk, and it should be posted on Wednedday. Cheers!


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