Gratitude List 869

(1) I was able to finish the remake of my new speech last night, even though it kept me up till 4:30 in the morning.  Grateful for the space and privacy to do such things without disturbing others, or being disturbed.

(2) Jan loves me.

(3) A great way to overcome the bitterness of a troubled past is to indulge the blessings of a promising present.

(4) Somebody made a nice, detailed comment on my piano playing over the weekend.  Grateful to have been trusted enough to be given a key to a church building with a Baldwin grand piano.   There was a time where any effort to play a church piano was met only with concern over “insurance issues” — implying, of course, that I was the type of guy that would do damage to the property.

(5) Nice strong coffee.  Grateful to have my own place of residence and my own coffee-maker.  There was a time when the only reason I went to a 7am A.A. meeting was because it was the only way I could figure out how to get a cup of coffee in the morning.

(6) It was suggested last night that every morning when I wake up, I can “dedicate the day to God.”  It took a while, but I’m thankful to have done so.

(7) Glad to hear that the heat wave will be over on Thursday, which is great timing, since I get paid on Friday.  Thankful for the promise of double blessings, back to back.

(8) Happy to have heard from Alistair Boone, the new Editor-in-Chief of Street Spirit, with the news that I’ll be kept on as a regular montly contributor, in the wake of Terry Messman’s retirement.  

(9) Extremely grateful to no longer be homeless in the San Francisco Bay Area.   I honestly thought I would never be able to live indoors again.

(10) Extremely thankful for the State of Idaho, where my experience has been that people treat each other decently and respectfully — like equals.   Thankful no longer to have to be lectured, ridiculed, dimissed, ostracized, vilified, and looked down upon as though I were not even fully human.  It is incredible to no longer be regarded as a piece of worthless homeless scum.   Thank God for my new and remarkably better life.  I never dreamed it possible — He loves me, after all. 

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude List 869

  1. Well wrote…👌👌😊
    It’s not the big things that makes the people happy…it’s all about small things, places, company, memories and the list goes…😊
    But many a times we do not recognise or pay attention to all these in the hurry of life and in search of virtual happiness…
    It’s very important to be grateful for all small little things that goes around us…I believe the only way of doubling one’s happiness is through gratitude…😊

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  2. “Doubling one’s happiness” — I like that! Yes, I’ve found that when I make these every morning, it starts off the day on the good foot. A Hindu person once told me that we in America tend to think that happinesss comes because good things happen – but in the East they believe that good things happen because we are happy. That stuck with me.

    It is indeed the little things in which to find the most true thanksgiving. Thank you for your kind note.

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  3. I’ve found that if I do it very shortly after I wake up, right after my morning prayer, it really helps. Doing it consistently for some time now has greatly increased my daily happiness. Thank you, Ayesha, as well.


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