(Talks 2018) – Talk No. 3

This morning please find the third in our Talks 2018 series of talks on the Homeless Experience. This talk is intended to demonstrate how, even if a person has made a conscious choice to be homeless, that person is likely to soon find themselves entrenched in a condition from which it is almost impossible to escape.

Homeless by Condition: Part Two

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2 thoughts on “(Talks 2018) – Talk No. 3

  1. Fascinating, Andy with lots of factual details to exemplify the ‘condition’ and nicely shaped too. Looking forward to the next installment though feels a bit weird to say so – I suppose it might be playing like a flim now in people’s minds as they listen, and as long as you’re getting your message across, then that’s fine.

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  2. Thanks, Lynne. I was again certain I’d replied to this comment earlier. Six days have gone by, and I apologize for that. Probably I wrote something here, got distracted, and forgot to post it. In any case, the fourth talk is posted now, expressing how in 2016, twelve years of homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area were effectively ended through the sudden manifestation of a close-knit, culturally conscious community, conducive to my creative work. Hopefully people will be encouraged by my story.

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