8 thoughts on “Sounds of Silence

  1. OH man… you know, I think it was last night but very well could of been night before last and I sat down and I said Dear God, cause my heart was a little heavy and the verse my dad had given me long ago to make sure I don’t forget… cast your cares because he cares for you (paraphrased) so I sat down and I said Dear God thinking I was going to pour my little heart out and I so felt the Presence and I so felt so much love from just saying those words I kinda started getting choked up and there was a reference to speechlessness and then a reply of yea, now you know why I spend so much time as silence. (kind of implying that He loves us so much He is made speechless hence the silence the Buddhists and others speak of – a coming around full circle type of explanation.)
    Thank you…

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    • That was beautiful, the way you put that. Yeah, there’s something about silence that’s restorative. I’m a person who tends toward “mania” — a very active mind, like many Artists (I suppose) though not all. It often helps to just take a Saturday, or other day of the week, as a day to just inhale a bit and chill. Also, many thoughts of wordless meaning are communicated through silence. I hope your day holds peace.

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  2. Thanks, Ken. I’m just listening for the first time this morning myself. Funny, I edited all the talking and false start off the beginning of the youtube (as usual) but it didn’t edit out. I’ll upload a cleaner version later on today.

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  3. Glad you liked the form of it, Lynne. It was basically a concept piece, it kept playing in my head after I’d done a more innocuous version for my youtube channel the previous Friday. I’m happy with how it turned out myself (though of course I could do better). A lot of strong feelings over that very special song.


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