General Notice to All Concerned

I would like for everyone I know to cease telling me that:

(1) I am supposed to be in an intimate relationship.

(2) I am supposed to be “sexually active.”

(3) I am supposed to get married or remarried.

(4) I am supposed to learn how to “make love.”

(5) I am supposed to be anyone other than who I am.

I tire of it.  I really do.  The one relationship that is of unique importance to me — that is, the relationship with Jesus Christ — is challenging enough.  However, Jesus never blames me for things I have not done, and in fact takes the blame for that which I have.

Finally, I am an Artist.  I was on the streets for years.  I love my solitude.  I like my space.  If I want to make love, I make love to my piano.  My piano never leaves me.  My piano never lies.

I hope this is the end of this particular story.

Thank you,


P.S.   Besides, the good ones are all taken for.  :(

2 thoughts on “General Notice to All Concerned

  1. Knowing what works for you is all that matters. Relationships are a lot of work and time – hard for artists to give so much of that time to another person unless its the right person that can accommodate the musical mistress in your soul.

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    • That was well-worded. I think, at the core, in any endeavor — any decision to embark upon any kind of committed arrangement, venture, partnership, etc. — one has to first count the costs. But mainly, what I object to is the idea that I am *supposed* to be in a relationship. That’s what bothers me.


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