General Notice to All Concerned

I would like for everyone I know to cease telling me that:

(1) I am supposed to be in an intimate relationship.

(2) I am supposed to be “sexually active.”

(3) I am supposed to get married or remarried.

(4) I am supposed to learn how to “make love.”

(5) I am supposed to be anyone other than who I am.

I tire of it.  I really do.  The one relationship that is of unique importance to me — that is, the relationship with Jesus Christ — is challenging enough.  However, Jesus never blames me for things I have not done, and in fact takes the blame for that which I have.

Finally, I am an Artist.  I was on the streets for years.  I love my solitude.  I like my space.  If I want to make love, I make love to my piano.  My piano never leaves me.  My piano never lies.

I hope this is the end of this particular story.

Thank you,


P.S.   Besides, the good ones are all taken for.  :(

4 thoughts on “General Notice to All Concerned

  1. Knowing what works for you is all that matters. Relationships are a lot of work and time – hard for artists to give so much of that time to another person unless its the right person that can accommodate the musical mistress in your soul.

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    • That was well-worded. I think, at the core, in any endeavor — any decision to embark upon any kind of committed arrangement, venture, partnership, etc. — one has to first count the costs. But mainly, what I object to is the idea that I am *supposed* to be in a relationship. That’s what bothers me.


  2. One truthful thing has really dropped in over the past ten years. My life will never be about what anyone else thinks. This doesn’t mean I don’t listen respectfully or I have all the answers. It does mean that the agency inside of me that isn’t in transience cannot be added too or subtracted from by other humans. People mean well but are invasive without understanding. “Supposed to be” is a fantasy. They way things are is the actual. Seeing that clearly is the job.
    Good post,
    Be well,

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    • “The agency inside of me that isn’t in transience cannot be added to or subtracted from by other humans.” – That was extremely well-worded. And I agree with you entirely, Bryan. Thanks for following — I followed you back & will have some comments once I prepare my thoughts. Many Blessings and Peace, Andy


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