Auditions Tonight

Auditions for Eden in Babylon begin tonight at 7pm at the Lionel Hampton School of Music.   There will be further auditions Monday at 7pm, with callbacks Tuesday at 7pm, at Moscow First Presbyterian Church.

I have waited seven years for this moment.  If you know what it means (or even if you don’t), please feel free to comment with the words “Break a Leg.”

Please donate to Eden in Babylon.
A little bit goes a long, long way.


29 thoughts on “Auditions Tonight

  1. Break a leg, indeed, friend Andy! This is so exciting! I’m just so proud of you. God works in mysterious ways, as you well know. The timing of this production might be considered uncanny, unless you believe the above…🌷❤️

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    • I am basically in a state of shock, in a good way, Perry. All I can say is — sure beats sleeping under a bridge! And THANK YOU for all your wonderful and insightful support. :)


  2. Indeed we do! Somebody once told me that music teachers are the “salt of the earth.” A bit hyperbolic, perhaps — but we do need to stick together! I hope you had a Happy Easter as well. :)


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