Talks 2019 No. 2

I promised to get a new talk to you guys by 7:30 this morning, so here it is.  The purpose of this talk is to describe how the conditions of homelessness can easily lead to a PTSD diagnosis, and what the triggers can be like.   I hope you enjoy & gain from this. 

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The Perception of Inequality

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4 thoughts on “Talks 2019 No. 2

  1. Enjoyed that, Andy…totally makes sense that you or anyone could be triggered in this way after a sustained period of hardship. like memoir writing, you think you’re sorted, and can talk about your experiences happily and freely without upset, that you are reconciled in every way, but suddenly discover memories and insecurities are nibbling at you again through revisiting the past troubles or by describing them- whatever they may be. And to have someone who knew you from that time, as you describe, without knowing who they are, would absolutely take you right back to that feeling of inequal knowing and feeling exposed. Very well processed!

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    • Thanks, Lynne. It’s rewarding to see that you have grasped the intent of the talk. It’s such an intricate issue, I have difficulty articulating it at times. Not sure who, other than Bryan, has heard this. My editor promised to listen to it last week, but those people in the Bay Area are busy and fast-paced beyond belief. I’m eager for her and the other editor to hear this, because if they’re going to be working with homeless and formerly homeless people, they really ought to have a grasp of how post-traumatic stress disorder figures into the equation. We’ll see what happens. Thanks so much for listening, and for all your support.

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