Turns Toward Dawn

This was fairly spontaneous.   We decided, more-or-less on the spot, to film this, more-or-less rehearsing. Kelsey Chapman and Brady Ross-Minton on vocals (no mikes) — singing the parts of Taura and Winston (respectively) in their song “Turns Toward Dawn” from EDEN IN BABYLON Copyright © 2019 by Andrew Michael Pope, with Andy at the Baldwin Grand. 

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A little bit goes a long, long way.  

4 thoughts on “Turns Toward Dawn

    • I’m not at all busy these days, actually, now that Echo is gone, and also we are not formally working on the concert production. It’s funny, I was just looking at my email to you (trying to remember what I sent) and I find myself judging my tone of voice and that kind of thing. Seemed kind of contrived or maybe arrogant in places, like I was tying too hard. (To write an email reply? One thing about being a Writer is that nothing I do escapes my harsh scrutiny.) Anyway, it was mostly elaborating on the kinds of issues that might arise at our volunteer centers, and some personality types. No rush on replying.

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