Love is Blue

This French ballad was composed by André Popp.  (For real!  No pun intended, and he was not a distant relative.)  Lyrics were originally composed in French by Pierre Cour, with English lyrics by Bryan Blackburn.  References to the 2nd Movement — the “Allegretto” — of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony throughout. Andy Pope at the Baldwin Grand, March 12, 2020.

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One thought on “Love is Blue

  1. Andy! Holy sweet mother of God, ive been wondering what that theme was for a long time now, but it’s hard to search for something when it is without lyrics. I get such a good feeling when I hear (what I now know is) Love is Blue, and of course, leave it to one of my favorite bloggers to reveal it nonchalantly one Monday evening. And the Beethoven quote at the end was gold too. Thank you x10, because that’s about how many times I’m going to go listen to this in a row.

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