An Intriguing Dream

When I was 18 years old, during the summer just before I left home for college, I had a very memorable dream.  

Magic fairy wand clipart clipart kid - Clipartix

A being like an angel appeared.  But she was more like a fairy, really.   She had a wand, and she waved it.  And she said:

“You will have many friends,
And you will have many enemies.
But you will need to know hate
Before you know love.”

The being in the dream disappeared, and then I awoke.  It was morning.

Every now and then that dream resurfaces in my consciousness.  What do you think it means?   

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4 thoughts on “An Intriguing Dream

  1. I think it’s an interesting koan. It’s image is classic Tao. Two ends of a continuum. Balance is everything in a transient, ever changing existence. For me, the important thing, is what meaning are you choosing to apply and is there a belief functioning behind the meaning.?
    Thank you for posting this.


    • Yes, an interesting koan. And kinda like a yin-yang. I’ve never personally applied either of these interpretations, before. They’re somewhat similar in nature. I’ve thought of other interpretations throughout my days, however.


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