Quick Question

Anybody know how to switch back from the new block editor to the old editor without paying any money? After about a week or so, I’ve concluded that the new editor will do nothing but drive me nuts.

3 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. This WordPress article is somewhat helpful: https://wordpress.com/support/editors/

    There’s a “classic block” block type, and if you start off a post by adding a classic block, then the old toolbar shows up at the top of the block and you can do the rest of your post within that classic block.

    Alternatively, when you’re in My Sites, at the very bottom is WP Admin, and I think through that dashboard you can still use the really old editor from several years back.

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  2. On the top navigation bar click on the three-for menu on the right side. Last choice in the menu is “switch to classic editor.” This assumes we have the same version. I found the same option on my iPhone.

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  3. Hm, maybe I should come back to this tomorrow. Somehow my brain is not making the necessary connections. Also, I read about the block editor (its purpose, and why it’s allegedly useful), and it might actually be easier just to keep trying to figure it out.

    Specifically, I don’t find the “3/4” editor, and once I get to WP Admin, I don’t know what else to do from there. I did read the article that Ashley sent.


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