I think I’ll do it over again. The song, that is.  I’ve been under the weather, hadn’t played for a week actually, was kinda tight. Low key body ache, soar throat, sniffles, low energy. Canceled two rehearsals, one on the morning it was supposed to happen. That’s not like me, and I feel pretty strange about it . . .

Hm, but you know what? I think it’s time for a regular old flu shot. Just because of Covid doesn’t mean other stuff isn’t going around. Anyway, come back tomorrow or Sunday, for more champagne.

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14 thoughts on “Champagne

      1. I should never do what I just did — announce not liking the song — based on general musicianship and professionalism. Besides, other people may have liked it, and it’s as though I’m insulting their tastes. That’s not cool.

        Sometimes I notice if I listen to it again the next morning, it sounds better. I just remember not enjoying it — like focusing so much on what note was supposed to come next, I wasn’t having any fun with it. That’s what happens when I fall out of practice.

        Haven’t listened to it yet, woke up very late after much much sleep. Still having coffee and all that.

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      2. Well – I just listened to it. Definitely worth saving. I can tell that I’m working hard internally and thus could not manage a smile at the end. But the time-honored arrangement still has merit. I apologize for my artistic neurosis.

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