Eleventh Hour Appeal

Wrote this yesterday in a spontaneous reaction to the Spokesman-Review having endorsed Donald Trump for President. This morning, Tracy Simmons published it on Spokane Faith and Values — all 1829 words of it — and did not change one word. This appeal is directed at fellow followers of Jesus Christ who may still be undecided as to which way their vote will be cast tomorrow. I hope it helps.

Will 82% of Evangelicals Really Vote for Trump? 

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12 thoughts on “Eleventh Hour Appeal

    • Thanks, Lynne. I’m unusually swamped in multiple disparate areas, but we should definitely talk soon. Also of course today is Election Day, which is hovering like a vulture over every good thing I try to do. I’m glad you appreciated the piece, and here’s hoping for the best.

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    • Hi Ashley. I was wondering what you might think of it. I obviously was targeting a specific social group with whom I have some identification, but I may have gone a bit too far toward the end in applying an “end justifies the means” approach.

      I think it would have been stronger had I been able to find the William F. Buckley quote I was looking for. Also, my statement to conservative Christians, “I am not saying that the Left is right” left me thinking I was leaving out a logical follow-up: “But I’m not saying that they’re wrong either!”

      I did that because I’m getting so tired of the hostile backlash from today’s pseudo-conservatives, and while I wrote the 1829 words with a sense of urgency, I didn’t want to have to deal with yet another Disqus reply essentially saying: “You suck! You’re a Socialist Leftie!”

      Because I tend to be sensitive to such assaults, I have been avoiding speaking my political piece lately, and trying to restrict my columns to “social statements” without their becoming “political statements.”

      In this case, after a nearby major newspaper endorsed Donald Trump — in the same city as religious people will be reading my column — I felt morally bound to do as I have done. Let’s hope it helps.

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