Gratitude List 1650

(1) Although I’ve had a very rough week — underslept, brain-dead, irritable — I’ve noticed that I perk up whenever I think of the Kids. Something about the way they’re so into it — it’s inspiring. They make me feel good about myself, and about what I have to offer.

(2) Really happy that Cody has taken over the teaching of the music. I sat in at the end of one of the rehearsals yesterday, and I was very impressed with his work. In fact, I was impressed with all of them. They seemed eager to show me what they’d accomplished. And when they showed me, I was proud.

(3) Stressing over the drum parts, I decided I needed help. So I went over to the School of Music and talked to the jazz professor there, who happens to be a percussionist, to see if maybe a student could help me out for credit. To my amazement, he told me he’d be happy to score the parts himself.

(4) Realizing I really didn’t have time to score all the saxophone parts either, I approached the sax player and proposed that he score the part in exchange for a stipend. He agreed, and that’s one less thing to worry about. Now I have more time to read Ashley Peterson’s blog, for which I am also very grateful. You learn something new there every day.

(5) Managed to squeeze in a new article for the religious site. It’s called “Diverse Not Divisive.” I’m grateful that the journalism hasn’t fallen completely by the wayside, but what I’m really grateful for is that Eden in Babylon is beginning to have the feel of a community project — a collaborative effort. I’ve never known a place like this before in all my life. This town is just what it claims to be. It truly is the Heart of the Arts.

Please donate to Eden in Babylon.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude List 1650

  1. Thanks! Always happy when you have a chance to stop by.

    Great article. I left a comment there agreeing with Biden’s statement, but not because he won.

    It’s fantastic that everything seems to be coming together so well with the musical.

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    • You’re welcome, Ashley. Just thought it was about time I gave you a shout-out.

      Thanks on the article. I’ve not been over there yet to see your comment, and often I never check the Disqus comments at all. But second-guessing, I told myself after I wrote it, I wonder if people think I didn’t know the context; i.e., that a bunch of people stormed the Capitol threatening to abort the democratic election process, and they did not succeed. Of course I knew the context, I only objected to the wording of the statement — (and perhaps the need for it to be said).

      I’ll look forward to seeing your comment there; though must advise you that I don’t engage Disqus commentary. If someone says “good article, Andy” I say “thank you.” But that’s about as far as I will go. I don’t involve myself in Disqus dialogue. It’s a decision I made after a few bad experiences early on, when I first began to be published on independent news sites. I’d be happy to have dialogue with you here on WP, of course.

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      • On second thought, since I had anticipated that response, I decided to break my rule in this case and reply to your Disqus comment on Spokane Faith and Values. The comment is there if you want to see it, but I strongly prefer to avoid Disqus in general.


      • Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly in my comment last night. You and I interpreted his statement the same way. My premise in the article was not about what he meant, but about the statement’s implication in and of itself — spoken to the world, many of whom would not grasp the context.

        I should have left that sentence in that I removed, but what’s done is done.

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