Leaving on a Jet Plane

On request from my daughter Angela. Peter Paul & Mary did it gently in A major in 6/8 time. I did it in a fast four in C Major — and I wouldn’t call it “gentle” . . .

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14 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

    • One of these days I will send you the words of a song that I heard that was meant for a piano…I could never do it justice on a guitar but I know you could…it was the first song I ever got from GOD….it was played on a piano and it was wonderful….the notes were very simple but I know you could bring it to life…..

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      • ok so here are the word and the simple notes…..I will try to send you an audio file later of what I heard….I bet you can turn it into a beauty!….GOD BLESS Andy!

        In Your Foot Steps (Meant for a piano)
        G EM C D
        Jesus I trust in You, Faithful forever true,
        Each day I’m born anew, I see through your eyes

        Jesus there’s only you, nobody else will do
        Each day the fire renews, I bury the lies

        I step on a worldly stage, your hand it leads the way
        And faith follows your sweet steps, eternity’s dance

        A choir of angels rhyme, a song of my heart in time
        The notes that they sing to me, a dream comes to mind

        And there in that place I see, was where you first sang to me
        I beheld that the love you gave, I did not deserve it

        Your fingers they held my face, and lifted my tears to grace
        The majesty of your touch, your armour has dressed me

        And so at your feet here am I, laid bare at the end to die
        My shoes you do put them on, Can two walk together?

        My Spirit it rises in yours, the Way opened up evermore
        I’m walking in love, on golden shores, forever and ever!

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      • First thing in the morning, to see these words is a good thing. Unmerited blessings. You want this on piano,, on the chords G – Em – C – D for each line?

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      • This is the way I played it on the guitar but the way I heard it was more full Andy. it’s the only way I can describe it. It like there were a hundred notes added to each of those if that makes sense….and you can add or do what you like with it….I will send you what I heard by email…I am not a great singer Andy….lol…I cna’t send the audio file here…it won’t let me…but you can make it full….if that is the proper way to say it….lol….have some fun with it….I know you can!….

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  1. I think it has meaning for a lot of people, which is why I hated to jazz it up in a way. But I couldn’t help but be inspire by the chord progression — even if the jubilance defies the sentiment of the unheard lyrics.


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