G-List Counting

This is a bit anal, but I really wish I could figure out where I started counting wrong in these gratitude lists. There’s a whole series of lists in the 1600’s and all of a sudden we’re in the 1500’s.

Knowing me, what I probably did at some point was mix up two digits, not notice it, and proceed. While I truly do wish I could figure it all out, there’s something unnervingly OCD about a guy who needs to number all his gratitude lists.

Maybe that’s the inherent life lesson that always resides in all our weird worldly experiences. If I never figure it out in this world, God will know once we get up to heaven. Then again, once we’re in heaven, why would we care?

9 thoughts on “G-List Counting

    • I believe your guess is the Occam’s Razor explanation. Thank you for going through the trouble to find where the discrepancy was. You did that in less than four hours, it would have taken me four years. I may go back and adjust everything if I can figure out an efficient way to navigate from one to another. In the meantime, I’ll just add 216 to this morning’s list, so that once posted, it will be List 1790. And I’ll be that much closer to 2000 (which will be a milestone.)

      If my Math is wrong, let me know? I’m good at Math — got the Bank of America Math Award at my high school, scored high on the Putnam — but my ADHD is hassled by having to track all this stuff. Not an excuse either, just a mentally painful reality. Thanks Ashley.

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      • I just scrolled through your list of posts in the WP Reader to see where 1500s switched to 1600s. Quick and easy.

        A way around having to keep track of a count, although it would mean starting over, is to name them all “gratitude list.” WordPress won’t let you have multiples of the post name gratitude-list in the URL, so it will start adding numbers to differentiate them, and it will keep count for you.

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      • To the first point, I wonder if I am following my own blog? I hardly ever use the WordPress reader, but if I am, that would be an assistant.

        To the second point, that’s a great idea as far as keeping track. To be truthful, I kinda enjoy the numbering of them. Same with the Tuneups.

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