Zazen’s Version of “Secrets”

You may not have caught this earlier. I’m not sure how widely it was distributed on or around January 22nd of this year, when it was first created.  I recall being critical of my accompaniment at the time in a way, and I believe that was my reservation..  In any event, such petty grievances are immaterial to the outstanding performance of Zazen Matossian on “Secrets” from my musical, The Burden of Eden.  

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8 thoughts on “Zazen’s Version of “Secrets”

    • Thank you. But for some reason, the singer hates this one. At her singing lesson yesterday, I was playing it for her, trying to show her what was so good about it, and why I think it’s her best work, and she said she hated it so much she couldn’t stand to listen to it.


      • Weird. I really loved this song and her performance!
        I will say that I am no expert, but even in the limited experience I’ve had listening to recordings of my own singing, it is super weird and uncomfortably bad. And these were instances where the live performance was fantastic. So maybe there’s some of that going on?
        Anyway, it makes it even more impressive that she sang it so well even though she doesn’t like the song.

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      • I’m sorry. My second sentence was ambiguous. I only meant that she did not like her performance of the song. She does like the song quite a bit.


      • Indeed. I have been texting her with numerous compliments. We are our own worst critics, and she does perceive that quite often, an Artist’s best work is perceived by the Artist themselves as their worst work. It’s an ironic but almost ubiquitous phenomenon.


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