10 thoughts on “Happy Together

  1. After listening to this I had a talk with my fingers Andy….sigh
    My arms were almost cut off as a kid. all nerves cut. the doctor who tied me back together told my mother I needed to play the piano or have clothespins for fingers. I can play a bit even today. Everyone should arise to their potential. You are fantastic and love the timing and all the little tidbits you put into making that piano sing shout and stomp. Love it!

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    • Thanks Gary. Hope your arms and fingers are okay today — that’s an awful story — but I guess if it led you to the piano, that part’s good. And it’s a clear reminder for all of us not to take our limbs for granted. Thanks for appreciating my work –

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      • I ended up with a little better than 50% feeling. I get by, I’ll never be great but I take a run at it just for the fun of making music…An original and a stab at recording (if curious)
        .youtube dot com/watch?v=-5XgJcrKdmA (if I put the whole link there it would go to spam).


  2. Funny, at first glance you look remarkably like my younger brother Steve, who also plays piano and sings. I’m definitely glad the doctor gave your mom that advice. Your playing & singing are very expressive. I read the story on your blog too. That’s sad about Fred. Thanks for stopping by, brother. I’m going to try to post a piano tune every Friday — feel free to come by again. Shalom –

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