Re: Name This Tune

I’ve received a number of equally correct answers to the question I asked in the previous post. However, since I also asked the question to the 150+ recipients on my Friday Piano List, I’m going to wait a while before revealing the answer. The “winner” will be the first person who told me the original, single-word title. This occurred at about one in the afternoon today.

2 thoughts on “Re: Name This Tune

  1. Andy: from my friend in Michigan!

    Hello Ginger, This is definitely one of my favorite songs BLUE BOAT HOME arranged and sung by Peter Mayer. I sang it all the time a year ago when I was recovering from heart surgery I so love the words “sun my said and moon my rudder as I said the starry sea – leaning over the edge in wonder, casting question to the deep’. The tune is from a very old Chistian hymn “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” AND from the UU hymnal “Love Divine All Loves Excelling”.


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    • Hi Ginger, I returned your email. These titles people are bringing up actually post-date its original title, which Peter Mayer does specify on his YouTube. For the sake of the 150+ people on my Piano List, I’ll keep dodging comments having the original single-word title till next Friday. The winner will be the first person who told me, and they’ll get the prize I mentioned on the Piano List.

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