Piano Update (Feed the Birds)

I’m so wacky from a sudden PTSD onslaught I only slept two hours I was so triggered. I’m under quarantine and trying to figure out how to set up the tripod. If I can get some sleep, I’ll feed the birds on my home Howard piano, assuming I figure out the tripod, which procedure is grossly inhibited by the severity of my ADHD. Ah – were it not for mental health diagnoses, where would we be? Catch y’all soon.


  1. My PTSD has been triggering a lot lately, too. So has my husband’s. Not fun. I’m saying a prayer for you.


    1. A.P. says:

      The word “fun” definitely does not describe it. Maybe it gets triggered more around the holidays, I’m not sure. Anyway I slept well last night and am about to go to the church to do the take.

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      1. I’m glad you slept well and are getting out and about. Prayer answered!

        I am always relieved when the holidays are over. One of my worst childhood traumas happened this time of year. But before we know it, 2022 will be here. :-)

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  2. A.P. says:

    That’s true. And then we can look forward to a brand new year.


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