Gratitude List 1826

(1) Beautiful day yesterday, and I rode the 12 miles between my house and the theatre in a record sixty minutes. Very invigorating ride on a beautiful bike path.

(2) Great day teaching yesterday, my students are doing so well. 

(3) Wrote 2200 words on a new column yesterday on an interesting theme.

(4) I gave up the apartment because they required a co-signer since they are unable to access my credit files. After two people said no, I realized that I don’t want to put anybody I know in that position. Even if they said “yes” I would feel lousy about it. At least I’m not out the $100 for the holding fee, and it will probably help me replace my two broken power adapters.

(5) Although this will probably reduce the extent to which I can devote myself to a theatre company and job that I absolutely love, I am too grateful for my present apartment to be too bummed. Something will come up in Washington if it’s meant to be. Or maybe I will be able to get a car more easily than an apartment rental. There are all kinds of possibilities. I am not trapped. Grateful for a positive relationship with Palouse Properties for the past five years. Grateful for my quiet, secluded apartment and my reasonably happy life.

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