Gratitude List 1827

(1) I’m about to head out on my bicycle and pay my rent–a day late and with a rent increase, but it’s a steady roof over my head for five years now.  I’m not knocking it.

(2) Beautiful bright blue sky today, clear after a thunderstorm, large majestic cumulous clouds hovering everywhere.

(3) Exercise has been very vigorous lately.  Ran 2 1/2 miles yesterday, have been riding most every day, and twice did brisk four mile walks, including earlier today.  17 pushups last time I did them.  Doing my best to stay on top.

(4) Waking up from an afternoon nap, by the way, with a nice strong cup of Portside Blend, this time tempered with sugar and milk for the swift ride to the landlord’s office before they close at five.

(5) It’s official now that my musical Eden in Babylon is going to be produced in the Summer of 2023 at the Regional Theatre of the Palouse in Pullman WA.  There’s information here, pasted from the RTOP website, to be found right here if you scroll down.  (It’s directly above auditions for The Sound of Music).  I’m very happy with the arrangement, and with my relationship with RTOP on the whole.  Thankful to have seen this development, at last.

Please donate to Eden in Babylon.  


  1. Congrats re. Eden in Babylon!

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    1. A.P. says:

      Thanks Ashley

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