Gratitude List 1828

(1) Both bulbs had burned out on my tall desk lamp. I was in disarray for a day or two when suddenly I found a light bulb sitting on top of my dresser. All is well now, for the time being.

(2) A runner friend from my church decided to drop off some Torin Altras along with a pair of running shorts. These are like $140 running shoes, and they fit me perfectly in shape as well as size.

(3) I’ve been challenged to rewrite my script to eliminate the ten most extraneous characters, thus reducing the cast size from 27 to 17. That way it will fit into the theatre where we’re workshopping it, and also render it more economical for future productions elsewhere. Though I asked I them to give me till the 17th of June, I “suddenly saw what to do” on Tuesday, and yesterday I started at 5am and had all but the final scene rewritten by 8:30pm. It seemed almost supernatural, like something took me over. Now I only have the last scene left.

(4) I just noticed my monthly column has been published. It broaches a theme I’ve been wanting to address for some time, though it also may show traces of my current indecision with regards to the relevant transition.

(5) Though I was innervated all day and accomplished next-to-nothing, I did achieve two lengthy naps. No doubt the material for the Final Scene has incubated in my slumber. I’ve now consumed coffee with some ramen for the evening, and I’m thankful for a schedule that’s flexible enough, it really doesn’t matter if I mess it up a little to get the job done. After all, it’s morning somewhere in the world–and His blessings are new every morning.

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