Gratitude List 1839

(1) Ran a really flowing four miles Friday night after midnight. Not a soul was in sight on campus and the temperatures had cooled to make it bearable. Thankful for what running can often effect in a person’s overall body/mind, and thankful I still have it in me.

(2) Couldn’t find my levothyroxine over the weekend and skipped three mornings in a row. Mercifully, though my insurance wouldn’t cover a replacement, they replaced it for only $5 on a sliding scale for poor people. (It would have been $3.70 with the insurance anyway, so it wasn’t a big difference.) Now if I find the others, I guess I’ll have five months worth on hand.

(3) Noticed I was irritable this morning, and I could feel the bags under my eyes. Thankfully, they let me fall asleep at my table at the cafe here, conveniently tucked away at a corner, with two walls I can lean on whilst I crash. When I awoke, it was like starting the day anew. I no longer felt the bags under my eyes, and the annoyances of the morning had faded into the past. Thankful for new beginnings.

(4) They’re going to come get me sometime between now and 5pm and take me up to RTOP. I’m glad. Having four sudden days off in a row didn’t sit well with me (though they don’t need to know that).

(5) When I was looking for my levo, I was reminded of the song “Levon” by Elton John. Hadn’t thought about it for years, but went to the piano and it came out pretty well. Still haven’t found the levo–but at least I found Levon.

The times are lean. Please help if you can.

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