Gratitude List 1854

(1) Someone looked me in the eyes the other day, someone who never looks me in the eyes anymore. I saw the look of love in their eyes, and it felt really good.

(2) This reminded me of an old song called “The Look of Love.” Spontaneously, I strolled over to the church and did an unusually cheerful rendition of the happy little ditty (soon to be uploaded to my YouTube channel).

(3) I met with Keva today for the first time since her operation.  We did “Moondance” and “If I Were a Bell” from Guys and Dolls.  Recorded them too, and Moondance came out pretty nicely.  Great to see her again, and to be making music with this very talented young singer.

(4) Scoring the performance tracks has been self-soothing.  It may seem strange, but it’s a therapeutic process.  It’s like growing a garden. I’m also learning more about music production software, and very much feeling a sense of newness and freshness in this music I wrote so many years ago.

(5) Put in my two cents on what’s happening in my hometown around Bryan Khoberger.  I darted it off quickly at home the other day, just 350 words.  Grateful to have someone who very often publish my thoughts, and grateful to have a nice quiet place with solitude where I can work in the wee hours if I want to.  It’s good to be home.

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