Gratitude List 1855

(1) I have a roof over my head. It’s cold outside. This is something to value.

(2) Within twenty-four hours, it is highly likely I will have some money, and the period of being broke and hungry at the end of each month (and not handling it very well, by the way) will finally be over.

(3) I didn’t score any music during the long dark night, but that means it will be better when I get back at it. I’ve noticed throughout life that the more destructive I feel, the more creative I become. Two sides of a coin, I believe.

(4) The Different Drummer whom I hear plays a beat so elegant, I wish you all could hear it too. For that Different Drummer, to whose step I keep pace, I am grateful.

(5) It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Please pitch in, my stomach’s growling.

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