Gratitude List 1856

(1) In the first 48 hours after releasing Moondance, Keva and I made over two hundred dollars, and the song was played on local KFRP radio. I asked Kev to select a number of other covers she likes–and I’ll play ’em.

(2) I got together with the editor and assistant editor of the Faith and Values site, and we came up with seven ideas for columns I might write. This will give me something to do aside from my musical scoring, and help me take my mind off my troubles, as well. This writing gig in Spokane is really pretty cool, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

(3) I’m also enjoying these theology groups, mostly consisting of retired professors and their spouses in my peer group, and some ministers and retired clergy. We’ve all learned a lot from each other throughout the past three years. I never dreamed I’d be welcome intellectually among academicians either.  There really are a lot of nice new things going on in my life today.

(4) Several of the members of the theology groups go to a Lutheran church here, and I am compelled to visit.  These people are very much fun to be around, and I notice the Presbyterians get kinda stone-faced on me.  The Lutherans are charmingly irreverent at times, not to mention I’m allowed to let out a cuss word every now and then.  I might just hang with these cats for a while, and you know, maybe have a good German beer while I’m it.

(5) I got distracted by a civil dispute in the neighborhood and failed to meet my self-imposed Friday deadline.  But I’m headed over to the University library to check out the spot.  They’re open from 6am till 2am every day, and I bet I can get into the zone there, and submit the performance tracks for the first two scenes of Eden in Babylon later on this week.  I’m motivated, and life is good.

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