Gratitude List 1857

(1) A change of residence is in the works. This could go one way or another. I’ve not yet forsaken my longtime apartment, but I will explore co-inhabiting with a man who needs to rent a spare private room. I’m thinking this will help me overcome some of the bad habits I’ve practiced from living alone (not the least of which is over-texting my friends in the wee hours.)

(2) Finally found a new therapist to replace Sarah. This is a woman named Lisa. Conveniently, her office in the same building as my doctor. Working out the financial details, it will be paid partly with insurance and partly with help from the church.

(3) Someone told me I might be eligible for food stamps, which for some reason I’d not considered. Last time I was on General Assistance was in San Francisco in 2005, and I remember it felt really weird. This time I was awarded $142/mo in food benefits. It’s even prorated, so I can get about a hundred bucks of food in a jif.

(4) I gave a spare key to my church friend Susan, who will be gradually helping me clean up the place. She also drove me through nice areas of Moscow where there’s low income housing. It may be good to be away from the “student housing” area where I’ve been living, and often hanging out with 20-something kids. It will be good for me to start hanging around professors, pastors, teachings, journalists, and people more like me.

(5) If you can keep your pants on, Keva and I will be blowing your socks off in a couple hours, if all goes well. Thank God for this professional who has miraculously come into my life.

“The change is gonna do me good.”
— Elton John

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