Gratitude List 1858

(1) I want to do another take of Benny and the Jets and have it be a bit stronger. I think the piano gets in her way sometimes. My playing was choppy and erratic because I was overexcited. As soon as she said “Benny and the Jets” my heart practically jumped out of my chest. I see no reason why this album, largely of well-known covers, should not be my first artistic priority. Grateful for Keva and am honored to be her accompanist.

(2) Thinking maybe getting a roommate at my present apartment may be a better solution than living with Rod. I want to live with Rod for two weeks however, so we can both see how it works out. Anyway change is in the works and it’s all good.

(3) About to sync the first two scenes of performance tracks to the vocal score of my musical. Am seeing the Neil Simon comedy Plaza Suite on Thursday, going with one of the professors from my theology groups. They will have received the tracks by then, and perhaps after the show we will have a positive conversation.

(4) I’m happy that I’m no longer a stoner who smokes pot all day long.

(5) I am happy that my daughter Echo is in my life. I am blessed by our frequent voice-texting throughout the day on our iPhones. In fact, I am happy I even have an iPhone. There are so many good things happening, I wonder why I don’t always focus on the good. I guess you can’t hide from the bad, but that doesn’t mean we have to live there. God is Good.

“In the world you will find trouble, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”
— Jesus Christ

Please help if you can.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude List 1858

  1. “Someone (Something) looked (hooked) me in the eyes (ears) the other day (today), someone (something) who never looks (hooks) me in the eyes (ears) anymore (often). I saw (heard) the look (sound) of love (joy) in their ( my) eyes (ears) , and it felt really good. GOD BLESS

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