Gratitude List 1867

(1) I finished the huge job I’ve been working on throughout the past ten days. The performance tracks, vocal score, and libretto are now synced to the first scene of Eden in Babylon. One down, seven to go!

(2) Slept nine hours last night after finishing the job. Grateful for a super good night’s sleep.

(3) Starved for exercise, I walked all the way to WalMart and back circuitously, covering about five miles. It’s been a beautiful day, and the brisk walking did me good.

(4) Looks like I may be able to get an iPhone 14 Pro Max on a decent Verizon plan, as soon as I can remove the freezes from my credit files. It’s larger than the iPhone 7 I’ve been using, and I should be able to more consistently hit the right commands and not get so lost as I have been on the smaller phone. This also motivates me to call the credit bureaus and finally get the age-old freezes removed.

(5) It was nice seeing some people at the local cafe this morning and feeling I am a part of a caring, close-knit community here in Moscow Idaho. But at the same time, as I sit in the church study alone, I am grateful for the peace and quiet I have found here. I’ve had a hard life. It’s good to spend more quiet time in solitude than I ever could before. I have not always had the option of aloneness. For years I slept with eyes in the back of my head, ready for anything. It is so good, and so precious, to be able to be alone.

“I live in solitude, which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” — Albert Einstein

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