Gratitude List 1875

(1) Excellent run of 2.4 miles three days ago, and a faster 1.2 miles last night. Hadn’t run for a while before these, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it, and how much it “clears my head” and makes me feel more confident and optimistic thereafter. Between you and me, it works better than any drug I’ve ever taken: legal or illegal. Thank God for this great gift to the human body.

(2) Nice to bop into town this morning on a sunny day and encounter supportive people from the community who wound up purchasing two of my piano CDs. After record sales on “Turbulence,” my new CD “Transition” should be available within the next few days. I am thankful that to have found people who believe in me enough to regularly support me through piano CD sales.

(3) Though I thought I’d lost Keva to roller derby, she surprised me by calling and arranging to record three new songs with me: “Mean Ol’ Moon,” “Love for Sale,” and a new version of “Now That There’s You.” She has to make a trip from Cheney WA to Moscow ID in order to do so, but we both feel it will be worth it.

(4) There are friends and there are friends. But when you meet the people who are “cut from the same mold,” you feel such belonging, it really validates your place in the Universe.  I’m grateful to have encountered two such friends in the past 24 hours, and to have felt the warmth of being completely understood.  It’s great not to feel as though you are “terminally unique.”

(5) I was annoyed yesterday when my Finale program ceased to play one of my files at the correct tempo.  Six hours later, after much troubleshooting, the same problem remained.  But then, when I played other files and the exporting worked normally, I realized it was a problem with the replaceable file–not with the virtually irreplaceable program.  By that time, I’d also reflected on the relative insignificance of my dilemma.  Whether my file plays today, tomorrow, or never again at all, it is still a beautiful day in the city of my birth.  Thank God I have finally found a place I can call home.

“Home is where one starts from.”
    — T. S. Eliot

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