Gratitude List 1876

(1) I met a professor nearly seven years ago, on first arriving in Moscow. I have finally realized this year that this professor, now retired and my same age, is not just a person with whom I have had many stimulating intellectual discussions. He is actually my friend.

(2) Had a great run last night at around nine. Walked up the hills to campus, then ran two miles on the relatively flat paths, then walked up the steep hills from the Latah Trail and ran downhill to my apartment. I had been feeling tense and hyper during a video call beforehand, and afterwards felt calm and tranquil. Slept soundly without a sleep aid for the first time in a while, prayed my way to sleep, and was still serene and prayerful on awakening. Honestly, once again, it’s better than any medication I know. Running is a tonic for the soul.

(3) The Choir sang the anthem really well yesterday. I’m glad I joined the choir, and it feels good I have been able to provide the new music director with encouragement and support. Very good natured young person. She and our pianist Ian make a good team, and I’m happy to be singing in the Choir once again.

(4) Though I’ve not been very aggressive with advertising, I’ve sold five “Transition” CDs so far. Not sure if I can top Turbulence in record sales, but I will attest that Transition is smoother, more solid, cleaner, and more intentional. Good wake-up music, to get you hoppin’ over your morning cup. Grateful for the key to my church and its great grand piano.

(5) Lots of stress these days between moving to a new apartment and going through the procedures to see if I have prostate cancer. However, when I pick up my music notation software and get back into my work, a lot of that stress is consumed in joy. Grateful for the role of Finale music notation software in my life.

“In a world of peace and love, music would be the universal language.”
— Henry David Thoreau

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