Cast of Characters

In the introductory pages to the current libretto of Eden in Babylon is a “cast of characters” page, on which the characters are listed in order of appearance.  Here you will find the characters listed in order of importance.  Also, these descriptions are more elaborate, and should give you some idea of the dynamics of character and conflict that figure into the story line, as well as of the story line itself.  

Winston Greene – male lead (baritone) – a 23-year-old spiritually minded social visionary who hails from sheltered wealth. He encounters poverty for the first time in a psychiatric facility, where he meets a number of Street Kids and decides to run off with them for the adventure of outdoor living (a.k.a. homelessness).

Taura Taravel – female lead (alto) – an 18 year old ‘runaway’ Street Kid from an impoverished but morally minded family, beautiful and somewhat naive. You might say she hails from “sheltered poverty.” She meets Winston in the psych ward; they fall in love, and together they brave the great outdoors with the rest of the Kids.

Molly Mortalis – female antagonist (soprano), probably in her 30’s: Winston’s overzealous case worker, full of misconceptions about the underprivileged and disadvantaged. She is constantly suspicious of Winston’s motives, and she writes off Taura as “worthless tweaker scum.” She’s the sort of person who criminalizes – and even dehumanizes — the kinds of people whom she does not understand.

John James – male antagonist (rock tenor) an older Street Kid, pushing 30 maybe, a hardened, cynical criminally-minded sociopath and drug dealer. He tries to blow the whistle on Winston in a plea bargain in an effort to avoid a hefty jail sentence, and later conspires with Benzo & Ms. Mortalis in an effort to implement Winston’s demise.

Benzo Diablo – male antagonist (bass), probably in his 40’s: a flamboyant, self-aggrandizing psychiatrist with a noticeable sadistic streak. Having been employed by Winston’s parents as Winston’s personal psychiatrist throughout most of his life, he has an annoying way of crediting himself for any successes Winston might achieve.

Zyowelle Greene – supporting female role (mezzo), Winston’s 12-year-old little sister. She idolizes her older brother and supports him in everything he does, including the outdoor adventure.

Joliarre Jackson – supporting female role (rock soprano), mid-20’s, an outspoken, street-wise rabble rouser. She incites the outrage of the Kids after Winston’s arrest and gets them to storm the gated community where Winston’s parents live. (Note – we don’t actually see this violence take place, in case anyone’s worried about a technical fiasco. She and the Kids sing of it in the big Act Two number “Children of the Universe” and the next time we see them they’re all in jail.)

Cyrus Hornsby – a Street Kid, about 20 years old, a bit cynical, a bit of a clown.

Timothy Williamson – another Street Kid, a little softer than Cyrus. He runs with Cyrus and they occasionally scuffle.

Judge Jemima – an eccentric, charismatic Superior Court judge and respected local figure. She appears only in the final scene.

Michael Greene – Winston’s overprotective father. When Winston takes off with the Kids, he files a Missing Persons Report and hires an expensive search team to try and find him.

Marjorie Greene – Winston’s overprotective mother.

Yolanda Greene – Winston’s anxiety-ridden older sister (late 20’s).

Xavier Greene – Winston’s little brother (21 or so), highly critical of Winston’s modus operandi.

Koko – a friend of Zyowelle, about 12 years old.

Crispi – another friend of Zyowelle, also about 12.

Kids 1-4 – four random Street Kids who occasionally have a line and are needed to fill in the Chorus.

Three Cops / Psych Techs — These characters double as cops (who raise guns), and psych techs (who raise hypodermic needles). Preferably two men and a woman, they also show up as bailiffs and court reporter in the final scene.

Two Firemen & Two EMT’s – Two firemen and two emergency medical technicians (preferably male and female), figuring in Winston’s intervention in Scenes One & Two, and doubling as random fill-in characters in the final scene in the courtroom.

Two Firemen – they figure in the story much the same way as the EMT’s.

Updated 12/26/17.


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