Cast of Characters

In Order of Appearance:

Male Cop One
Marjorie (mother of Winston)
Yolanda (older sister)
Male Cop Two
Xavier (younger brother)
Michael (father)
The Girls — 3 girls, each about 12 years of age:

Zyowelle (younger sister)
Koko (young friend of Zyowelle)
Crispi (young friend of Zyowelle)

Fireman One / First Inoculator (doubled)
Female Cop / Second Inoculator (doubled)
Fireman Two / Third Inoculator (doubled)
Benzo Diablo (W. Greene’s dorky and pompous personal psychiatrist)
Male EMT
Female EMT
Winston Greene (an iconoclast & visionary, roughly 23 years of age)
Molly Mortalis AKA “Helzabel” (W. Greene’s suspicious case worker)
Two Chorus Lines (doubled) — Babylonians / Kids:

4 “Elders of Babylon” / Kid1, Kid2, Kid3, Kid4
3 “Sons of Babylon” / Cyrus, Timothy, John James
2 “Daughters of Babylon” (Taura, Joliarre)

Note: Parts have been doubled when feasible to reduce the size of the cast and yet preserve the feel of a large-cast musical with decent-sized chorus lines.  This doubling is not chiseled in stone but has been done largely for the sake of economy. 

Last Updated 2/4/17
by Andy Pope