As I expressed on the previous page, the music there was composed and recorded using Finale notation software, without evoking the aid of a musical instrument at any time.  The music you will hear below takes this detachment a step further.  I not only used no musical instruments in the process of composing these pieces; I did not even use any software.  With the exception of Anthem, all of this particular music was composed while I walked about the streets of Berkeley, California between the years 2013 and 2016, singing “bop bop bop,” playing drums on my pants legs, and sometimes conducting in the air.  Because of the city’s longstanding tradition of tolerating behavioral abnormalities, I felt more-or-less free to compose music in this aberrant fashion. 

Although I have often thought back in anger at the nerve of the social and cultural environment that would have permitted – and even at times condoned – the theft of four of my laptops, two being taken by strong-armed robbery; I on this night look back with gratitude on the very same uniquely tolerant environment that would have permitted – and at times even condoned – the unusual manner in which this music was composed.  It is an honor to have channeled this music from the very air that the people of Berkeley breathe, and to sign my name to the music that is of the City, by the City, and for the City of Berkeley.  It is to the remarkable city of Berkeley that I fondly dedicate the pieces on this page.

The Very Same World


Sirens of Hope

The Royal Rhapsody:

Bone of My Bones

Another Round of Fear


Urban Pathos:

The Call

Heart Song



Pack of Lies

Bubbles Taboo

Andy Pope
June 21, 2017
Moscow, Idaho

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