With the exception of “Anthem,” (which was composed in Pullman, WA in late 2016),  this is all music I composed in Berkeley, CA between 2013 & 2016.  I need to tell you that I composed this music by walking around town singing “bop bop bop” and playing drums on my pants legs.  Everybody thought I was crazy, but that was my means of continuing my composing project after the last of five laptops was stolen during that three year period of time.  Senseless to buy a sixth one, since it would also only be stolen.  And it being Berkeley, noted for social activism, I figured that my odd manner of composing music in public would qualify as a form of protest.   They stole the laptops on which I composed my music, and I protested by composing more music.  That oughtta show ’em!  Enjoy.


The Very Same World

Sirens of Hope

The Royal Rhapsody:

Bone of My Bones

Another Round of Fear


Urban Pathos:

The Call

Heart Song



Pack of Lies

Bubbles Taboo

Updated by Andy Pope
January 4, 2018

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