Here are links to a numerous articles I’ve had published throughout the past three years:   

On Cancel Culture

The Prosperity Gospel and Classism

Andy’s Story: Classism and Homelessness

Classism in Our Schools

How I Got Inside

A Mentally Healthy Transition

The Individualized Solution

Homeless Whiplash

Homeless Gratitude

Post-Homeless Precautions

Homelessness and PTSD

Entitlement and Patriotism

Homelessness During COVID-19

The Summer of Love to Come

Perspective on Social Media

Beware of Antichrists

On Cancel Culture (Long Version)

The Homeless Link

I Remember Who I Am

The Voices of the Streets

Easy to Be Hard

A New Pair of Glasses

That list was last updated 6/20/20.  All articles published since till now (that is to say, 9/10/21) appear here.  I believe there are twenty-five of them, to date.  

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