Eden in Babylon is a full-length, large cast, traditional American musical with a progressive score and topical themes.  In an effort to depict the world of youth homelessness with as much accuracy as possible, I have targeted an audience consisting largely of upper-middle class Americans; i.e., those who can afford season’s tickets at a reputable theatre company.  My experience is that this social bracket carries with it a number of stigmatic preconceptions about homeless people.  My hope is that, in an entertaining fashion, I can engage their attention in such a way that these false ideas might be dispelled.

In order to display the multitude of venues in which the homeless world has been known to flourish, the show offers a variety of settings: both urban and rural, both indoors and out.   In the final such setting — that of Superior Court — a happy ending ensues.  The happiness of this ending lies in the hope that bridging the gap between the super-rich and super-poor in this country may well pave the way to a solution to our nation’s deepest ills.

While I certainly wish to advocate for the rights of the downtrodden, I have purposely written this musical in such a way that it should be entertaining to those who may not be concerned about such things.  Hopefully, the message will be unearthed from this entertaining musical, that all is not lost in America — if only we bridge the gap.

Andy Pope
Moscow, Idaho

July 4, 2021

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