I Am the Blues

If you are lost,
And you been out in the cold for so long,
Don’t come a knockin.’
If you need to rest your head,
Then find another bed,
‘Cause I am bad news.

And if you’re down,
You say you’re needin’ a friend to talk to,
Just keep your shirt on.
And stay away from me,
Or you will surely see
That I Am the Blues.

I got no sympathy,
‘Cause I been around for so many thousand years.
I tell you don’t think twice,
Just take my advice:
Pack up your stuff, it’s for the better,
And don’t expect a letter –

If you’re surprised
That you have no kind of fun when I’m ’round,
Then stop your wonderin.’
I do this all the time;
You might say it’s my line,
Bein’ the Blues.

And when you’re finally out the door,
I’ll make the rain begin to pour
And the moisture through your body,
It will ooze.
So if pain and misery
Are not quite your cup of tea,
The please don’t mess with me
‘Cause I Am the Blues.
Don’t  get messed up with me,
‘Cause I Am the Blues.

© 2017
by Andy Pope