Midnight Screams

Midnight screams
Heard resounding through the air.
Broken dreams
Where the wind is howling.
Someone fell
For the cons of thieves and charmers,
Snuffed out in her prime.
Who can show
Forbearance of a greater measure?
Who can know
How long we must endure their kind?

Eyes like theirs
Cold and constant is the gaze.
Midnight stares
Desperately prowling.
Staring long
Straight into the eyes of children,
Drawing on their shine.
Who can see
The painting of the stalker’s treasure?
Who can hear
The nocturne of the siren’s whine?

Wearing fast on the patience of a nation,
Litter, scum and slime!
Midnight themes
Must not again reflect the pleasure
Midnight screams
Have rendered to the lords of crime –
Midnight screams
For justice – while there still is time.