Ode to the Universe

Don’t you see
That this is all a piece of artistry –
An intricately woven tapestry:
A presentation for the Universe to see!

For they rolled down the skyways
With shooting stars for cars
Whose proprietors were characters
Like Jupiter and Mars,
And they filled to capacity
A house of shining stars

On that wide open stage
In the Theatre of the Proud
Where we were all the rage
Of a truly stellar crowd,
And the seer and the sage
Opened scrolls and read aloud

The declaration of our sanity,
In substitution for the vanity
That limited a whole humanity
In such a way it took a Universal Decree

To agree to set free
All the slaves the knaves have bound,
That with one thunderous round
Of uproarious applause
We will all cheer the Universal
Pardon of our flaws;
And we’ll all hail our liberation
From the Age of the moral laws

On that wide open stage
In the Theatre of the Bold,
We turned the page
On that passing Age of old
And we all set the stage
For the coming Age of Gold . . .

“Ode to the Universe”
from the new musical Eden in Babylon

Copyright © 2018 by Andrew Michael Pope.  

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